Residential General Contractor in Sacramento

Maxton Builders is a full service construction company based in Sacramento, California. With competent and experienced professionals we are ready to give you a great experience bringing your dreams to fruition.

As a leading Sacramento general contractor our company specializes in the planning and construction of custom residential homes. We also build additions for and remodel existing homes.

  • Sacramentio General Contracor: (916) 304-5556
  • Construction Services in Sacramento: (916) 304-5556
  • Valentin Razumovskiy, CEO

Why Maxton?

What makes us stand apart from all the other constructions companies in Sacramento you are researching? We know a lot of general contractors can “build” a home, but how many can claim to do so in a way that leaves you going “wow!” ­– That is the “Maxton Experience”.

When you work with Maxton, you’re working with people who genuinely care about your best interests. You’re getting peace of mind, a trustworthy relationship with an honest company and a pleasant experience through out the process.

We always provide realistic estimates within our client’s budget and never “low ball” estimates to win contracts.

We work with you during design consultations to get you the best match for your money. If you happen to reach over your budget, our experienced professionals will politely let you know.

Featured Projects

Check out our completed projects, from interior renovations and remodeling to exterior construction and additions. Residential remodeling projects in Sacramento area and all over entire California, kitchens, bathrooms, decks, porches, lighting, flooring and more—we do it all!